Regarding our reputation and visibility at national and international level, the Faculty of Letters within Spiru Haret University has always been a venue of important scientific events, attended by academics and scholars from all continents. Here are some of the conferences organized by the Faculty of Letters in recent years:

  • 2011 - Translation, Semiotics, Anthropology: Transferring Space and Identity across Languages (2011),
  • 2012 - Gender Studies in the Age of Globalization
  • 2013 - Desir /Rejet de I'a /Autre Pop,
  • 2014 - Rock and Science-fiction Path of Imagination - Imagination and Creativity in Linguistics, Literature and Didactics
  • 2014 - Partages genres de I'espace
  • 2015, 2016 - European Identity and National Alterity
  • 2016 - Le Stereotype: est-il bon? est-il mauvais?